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25 Weekends in and ut of Jozi

In this blog, I share many of the places we have visited and the stuff we have done in and out of the beautiful, vibrant city of Johannesburg.
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Chickenruby raising teens abroad

Life with 2 teens in South Africa
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From dodging stray bullets in Lagos, to dodging stray cats in Istanbul, we're now getting cosy in Jozi. Far flung travels and further fetched tales of expat...
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Joburg Expat

A blog about life of an expat family in Johannesburg, South Africa. Travel stories, relocation advice, musings on culture, and entertaining stories about...
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Johnny Africa

Just a guy in my 20s, working abroad in South Africa, trying to soak as much of life as possible. I love traveling, eating, and experiencing new cultures. I...
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Lauren Barkume Photography

Social Documentary and portrait photography from Southern Africa.
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Mia Musings

it took me a long time to actually start writing. While some of it can be attributed to finding my feet in a new country, settling down and exploring the city...
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Rabbiting On

Sometimes I make hit and run documentaries, sometimes I fix Macs, sometimes I write or make films or translate. I have been known to live in a variety of...
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What will I ever do with my life?

A European globetrotter currently residing in Joburg, South Africa. Taking in the sights, the smells and the people. A lot of stuff about wine (read: drinking...
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