The Expat Partner's Survival Guide

The blog is for expat partner's everywhere - whether they are planning their first move or on their fifty-first country. It accompanies my book of the same name, aimed at women and men as they move overseas with their working partner. I hope to include my own personal tales as we move to South Africa, as well as lots of other expat stories, tips and anedcotes. I want the blog to be as informative, supportive and interactive as possible.

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UK British UK British expat living in South Africa

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  • About me: I am a British mum of two daughters who was born abroad and has travelled and lived overseas on and off all my life. A former TCK and diplomat, I am now married to a man who takes us overseas with his job. We have already lived as a family in Pakistan and St Lucia, and this year we're off to South Africa. After living in St Lucia, where I met a number of sadly under-prepared accompanying spouses, I wrote a book The Expat Partner's Survival Guide (due out March or April this year). In between work, writing and looking after the family I have little time left for hobbies but I am looking forward to safaris in South Africa and fulfilling one of my lifetime ambitions: swimming with whale sharks.
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