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News and reviews about life in the Algarve! We cover topics such as gourmet restaurants, local attractions and activities. These include boat tours, historical sites, wine stasting, trekking, social groups and many others.


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UK British UK British expat living in Algarve

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 12-12-84
  • Move: Portugal  Portugal
  • Interest: Photography, mountain biking, kite surfing
  • About me: I used to live in Portugal, for 25 years, in the Algarve. I now live in London but I go back to Portugal 8 times a year and I am passionate about the country I grew up in. I do have a real estate business, but the blog section is exclusively to provide expats with useful advice, reviews, news, etc. I may live in the UK but I want to blog about Portugal.
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