Kopje koffie, buurvrouw?

After twelve fabulous but cold years in the Netherlands, Kimberle Swaak settled with her husband and two children in Atlanta, where she has vowed never to complain about the heat. After moving from the NL back to the States a few years ago, she found she could look with fresh (and not altogether unbiased) eyes at the silly, sometimes unexplainable situations she encounters during her travels in the NL and beyond. More of her writing about silly Dutch people can be found at web.me.com/k.swaak.


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US American US American expat living in the Netherlands

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 20-02-68
  • Move: Usa  Netherlands
  • Interest: writing, working with non profits, travel
  • About me: At the tender young age of 22, I followed my heart (a man) and moved to the Netherlands. What was meant to be a six-month stay turned into twelve years, during which time I lived like the Dutch live and learned to speak the language like a native. Now back in the States but still spending summers in the Netherlands, husband (same man) and two kids in tow, I feel just as Dutch as I am American, one foot firmly planted in each culture. More of my writing about silly Dutch people (and I include myself in that category) can be found at web.me.com/k.swaak.


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