Jake in Japan

An undergraduate student from the USA, I am spending one year studying the language, economics, and cross-cultural communication in Japan. The goal of my blog is to inform and entertain my readers of my adventures in Japan. Because not everyone has visited Japan or fully understands its culture, my blog is written to inform readers who have no previous knowledge of Japan. As an aspiring educator, I also write this blog so its understandable and entertaining to a younger audience who, like myself a decade ago, may be dreaming of someday embarking on their own journey abroad.


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US American US American expat living in Japan

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 27-10-87
  • Move: Usa  Japan
  • Interest: Business
  • About me: I am a 23 years old American undergraduate student from The University of South Dakota. I am on my second study abroad experience, this time in Japan, to gain a better understanding of the culture, language, and business practices of Japan. I'm now attending the Otaru University of Commerce in Otaru, Japan and blogging about my experiences as they unfold. I grew up in a small farming town in rural South Dakota. I think that lent itself to me developing a strong sense of adventure from an early age. My early curiosity of different cultures was filled by reading countless books and hours of Travel Channel television. Soon enough I was an adult and able to make international travel a reality. I began traveling abroad as a college student. I have now visited eight countries but this is the first time I am publicly documenting my experience. Having grown up in a rather remote part of the USA, I find myself constantly fascinated with the cultural differences around me.


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