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Alpine Mummy - a new life in the middle of nowhere

City lawyer, making the most of my maternity leave living in a chalet in a tiny village in the Alps and blogging about the funny (and not so funny) bits. Walks...
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American Mom in Bordeaux - Blending Cultures

Just moved to Bordeaux, France from New York State with my French husband and 3 beautiful daughters. We are all adjusting to the French culture..having fun...
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An American in Clermont-Ferrand

My blog chronicles the stories of two newlyweds discovering their first year of marriage as expats in central France.
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Another Américaine in Paris

Living la vie en rose in Paris, maybe. Blogging all about my decision to move, living in France, & all the adventures (mishaps) of a new expat
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Barefoot Blogger

Traveling is my passion. For travel-lusty females like me, living abroad solo is the way to go. Follow my adventures living in the south of France.
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Belfort Things

Photos and assorted text for the duration of my stay.
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Bize Bytes

The story of my move to France and a new life in a small village in the Languedoc, south of France.
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Blaxpat and Loving It

Musings about life, politics and culture as an outsider in a foreign land.
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Blog in France

My blog deals with the ups and downs of being an expat in France. It looks at family life a lot of the time, but also at national and local events, national and...
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Breath of French Air

We’re two ordinary middle-class midwestern kids who realized one day that we had become middle-class middle-aged adults on autopilot and off course. Golden...
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