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I write about life - the joys and the challenges, with a positive twist I hope! We are privileged to have chosen to leave our 'homeland(s)' and make our home elsewhere just because we want to, so I like to try to see the funny side of the negatives, and approach them as challenges to be overcome, or mysteries to be solved. Or sometimes just mysteries to be lived with!!! I try to be honest about the things that aren't so easy. My writing is accompanied usually by my own photos to give a bit more insight into what life in a resort town in the French Alps looks like. Sometimes I post my haiku poems, which are other ways I find to express life. I hope you enjoy my Jumping Off Books.


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UK British UK British expat living in Haute Savoie

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 15-09-72
  • Move: United Kingdom  France
  • Interest: Writing, running, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, haiku poetry
  • About me: I'm originally from the UK and also have New Zealand citizenship. I grew up in England but after travelling in 1998/1999 fell in love with New Zealand and emigrated in 2002 with my Swiss/English partner. We married & had children in NZ, and started an international business. We returned (with torn hearts) to the UK in 2012 to be closer to ageing relatives - but with the intention of finding somewhere in Europe that suited us better. I found the UK grey and cold, much as love my home city Bristol (where I was born, but had never really lived until 2012-2017). Our plan is to settle near Barcelona for a good long spell, but right now we're living in our studio apartment in the Haute Savoie in France. We love the mountains all year round and our children attend the local school - and now speak French! My husband and I closed our business in 2015 and are now 'digital nomads'.
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