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A Walk to Zen

The blog is about travel, business, foods and books.
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A Year in Moscow

A look at everyday life in Russia, culture shock, holidays and celebrations and language learning.
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adventures & catastrophes, continued

Record of time spent studying Bengali language and traveling the country
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Adventures With Mr. C

I became Mrs. C in June of 2015 and this crazy man I now call my husband has been asking me to say yes to adventures ever since. Follow along and learn that if...
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American Schnitzel

American Schnitzel is a blog about an American girl living and studying in beautiful Vienna.
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My life as a graduate living in mexico, travelling the states, learning spanish and adapting to life in guadalajara :)
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I'm a 20something LA native who is moving to London at the end of the summer! In my blog I hope to chronicle my pre-departure, adjustment to like in the UK and...
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Belfort Things

Photos and assorted text for the duration of my stay.
[Hits: 10 - Added: 11-04-12]


Berlin Enjoy

With you can make the most of your trip to Berlin.
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Blog Hello World

The blog is in both Spanish and English languages and is all about Holland and living abroad. There I tell my experiences living in Holland, places to visit,...
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