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Thoughts & Notes

sharing tips and our experience in Saudi Arabia. We sometimes write about Travel.
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Thrifty Travel Mama

Expat traveling mama with three boys in tow, finding our way around the world in organized chaos and on the cheap.
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Travelin' with the TMax

Tim likes to travel. Follow his adventures as he explores the world, and currently, Spain.
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Tropical Expat

This blog hopes to cover what it is like living in Penang, and to give some useful information for those living here, or considering doing so, including...
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Trumbley Madly Deeply

I started this blog to chart our adventures in love, family, visa applications and the two countries famously divided by a common language.

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Turin mamma

An Australian expat's reflections on food, being a mum and life's simple pleasures in Turin
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Turkey's For Life

A Fethiye blog to tell people what we get up to in Turkey, complete with biased information for things to do in Fethiye...and other places in Turkey too
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Um Lisboeta Ingles - An Englishman in Lisbon

A description and commentary on life as a British expat in Lisbon.
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Veltliner WIne

All about Veltliner wine. The Lower Austria region and their wines. Heurigens and restaurants in this region. Learning about wine from identifying glasses to...
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Vienna Muses

My blog covers all topics related to Vienna, its history, culture and people. Everything from the story of the knights of Templar in the Blutgasse to...
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