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It was only 5 weeks but felt like forever... read more

Posted on 4 May 2022 | 10:09 am

Robert In Print

Finding a home in New Zealand when you are not in New Zealand yet

We did not get any relocation help to find a place to live in Christchurch. I spent a lot of time online, trying to figure out how the system works. Location, location, location We had decided the are... read more

Posted on 8 March 2022 | 9:01 pm

Nordic Dowager

When the universe tests you…

At the start of the year I set the intention to listen to my body more. I spend a lot of time in my mind (as most of us do), but wanted to start really listening to me. Listening to what I wanted and ... read more

Posted on 21 February 2022 | 1:58 pm

Inner Expat

Where To Find Me

 Hi, I am an NFT artist on OpenSea, if you would like to find my social media presence on other sites please click this Linktree link read more

Posted on 11 February 2022 | 10:06 am


6 Reasons Why Moving to Brazil is a Great Idea

Delicious food, get a high-paying job, not wrap yourself in a down jacket in winter, and other pleasant buns of moving to Brazil are in my article! Delicious and understandable cuisine Arriving at a s... read more

Posted on 7 September 2021 | 1:52 pm

Brazil Geeks

Trust in friendship: the invisible skill that will win you the world

Once, I went with a friend to help pick up a passport from a guy who needed a visa. The guy was super nervous handing his passport and money to a stranger, and being told that he’ll get a call i... read more

Posted on 25 August 2021 | 11:42 pm

Expat Vault

The COVID Diaries: Day 413

An update on life during COVID 413 days in. Pandemic fatigue abounds in Ireland as we watch other countries return to normal life.... read more

Posted on 6 April 2021 | 1:36 pm

Molly Does Adulting

Best ways to transfer money abroad

Sending money abroad or to your country is made simple with a plethora of online services competing against each other in speed, cost, and security. While there are many comparisons online, here we li... read more

Posted on 22 December 2020 | 1:57 pm

A Home for Expats

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