The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside

The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside. A personal take on investing in property in Bulgaria, created by James, an Englishman with 9+ years full time experience in the Bulgarian property market, running his own company Sofia Casa Ltd., right here on the ground in Bulgaria!

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UK British UK British expat living in Bulgaria

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  • Move: United Kingdom  Bulgaria
  • Interest: Property, architecture, construction, business, culture, language, pol
  • About me: I write primarily on the property market in Bulgaria with focus on Sofia the capital. Having said that there are a lot of articles with cultural and personal observations. I express my frustrations and offer help with furnishing tips, snagging, and advice on how to project manage in Bulgaria. I bemoan the lack of coordinated urban planning, the free for all and the short sightedness of many local and international investors. I want the blog to be at the same time a personal take on my experience of doing business here and at the same time to be of use to readers. Of course if as a result they want to use our services then that is a positive spin off. My aim is that by being transparent and insightful people can see we are a trusted local partner with local knowledge, language and international experience to boot! Thank you! James

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