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Mo in Oz

A Minnesotan living in Sydney - getting used to a new life in Oz!
[Hits: 251 - Added: 11-02-09]



Aussie girl looking for paradise ends up in Amsterdam
[Hits: 126 - Added: 08-07-09]


The Fourth Continent

This is the tale of a young Australian called Tanny who embarked on an unintended adventure to the far North of the world. She had some plans to go north, but...
[Hits: 88 - Added: 04-01-14]


The Yellow Brick Road

The adventures of a busy American family of 5 living a once in a lifetime adventure in Sydney Australia.
[Hits: 57 - Added: 25-04-11]

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American expat gal living life in Singapore. New to the blog world writing about my travel adventures, expat experiences in Singers & whatever tickles my...
[Hits: 55 - Added: 14-06-11]



About a Sydneysider residing in Stockholm whom loves a cup of tea with her mornings, sunshine with her days and trumpets with her nights.
[Hits: 47 - Added: 21-03-12]



French girl with an Australian passport and some Spanish blood. I grew up in the South of France, lived 4 years in Barcelona and now found my passion in Sydney...
[Hits: 42 - Added: 22-04-13]


Bright Lights of America

My blog is about the culture shock of living in a new place surrounded by the unfamiliar.
[Hits: 32 - Added: 23-09-16]


Chronicles of Illusions

You’ve entered a parallel universe.
[Hits: 28 - Added: 12-10-12]



I love my blog: is the place where I can express my feelings and emotions and I can share my life experiences.
[Hits: 27 - Added: 10-07-15]


The Rebecca Project

The Rebecca Project is the chronicle of a life in progress: of leaving my old home in Sydney for my new home in San Francisco, and now my new-new home in...
[Hits: 26 - Added: 07-01-13]


Oh Hey Sydney!

We moved to Sydney from San Francisco in January 2011. There are so few resources online that document the moving process…so we started Oh Hey Sydney! -...
[Hits: 25 - Added: 07-03-13]


Living EZ

An American expat family inspiring everyday adventure one weekend at a time.
[Hits: 19 - Added: 14-01-16]


The Renditions of Renoir

Daily happenings in our life here in Hong Kong, our travels and my personal opinions, rants or raves on what has me inspired or furious! :) OR...a nice recipe...
[Hits: 17 - Added: 08-09-13]


Suzy Q Down Under

Observations, adventures, and recipes of an everyday cook living abroad.
[Hits: 13 - Added: 20-01-15]


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