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In Da Campo

My blog is a sometimes tongue in cheek and brutally honest look at life as a retiree on the Azuero Peninsula in Panama. I also post personal observations about...
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Asia Vu

By the time my husband and I were married, our military/diplomatic childhoods had resulted in a combined 30-plus moves between Asia, Europe, and the continental...
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Our Swiss Adventure

After years of dreaming of living abroad, we've finally arrived in Zurich, Switzerland! Join as we leave the Big Apple, adapt to Swiss life, and explore all...
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Category: Expat life


Overseas Adventures

I kept a blog throughout the process of our military move to Germany and am now blogging about daily life in Germany as well as some of our Germany travels and...
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Maybe Too Blonde - A Life In Europe

A description of our travels and misadventures as we live in Germany and try to fulfill our goal of seeing every country in Europe with our crazy dog and only...
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Spain Is My Happy Place

My blog chronicles an American Family's Spanish Adventure with honesty and humor.
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Royal Little Lambs

Homeschool mom, military wife - exploring Europe and learning as we travel!
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We Took the Road Less Traveled

Lifestyle blog about a Air Force wife and transplanted Southern girl living abroad in Germany. I write about our travels around Europe, good food & wine,...
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Megan Joy Jaunts

I am fiercely independent, highly opinionated, and absolutely ridiculous when it comes to making important decisions. This trifecta of awesomeness got me into...
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My Life in Words

It's my life - Sometimes up, sometimes down, but mostly sideways.
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Category: Expat life


Duffelbagspouse Travels

The #1 Resource for Military Spouses Who Love to Travel the Globe
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jewels wandering

Blog about my travels, expat life and experience as a US Navy girlfriend
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Mexican vegan in japan. A gal that made it from the Baja to Japan in order to fulfill a military contract, but ended up finding herself and her true passions....
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World Traveling Military Family

Hi I'm Mrs. B! I blog at World Traveling Military Family. I'm a military spouse who follows her Active Duty Air Force husband all over the world, we have...
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Schweinfurt Expats

Schweinfurt Expats is a collaborative effort to improve the lives of expatriates living in the local community. Our goal is to help expatriates integrate...
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Category: Expat life


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