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Expat aux Philippines

Informations sur la vie d'un expatrié français aux Philippines.
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Cactus et burger pour un breton

Séjour de quelques mois à Phoenix en Arizona où j'ai passé une licence de pilote d'avion
[Hits: 146 - Added: 13-04-12]


The Ottenbourg Family @ Tahiti

Moved from Belgium to Tahiti
[Hits: 134 - Added: 02-05-10]


Gail at Large

Canadian freelance photographer on 4th expat adventure. Previously: USA, Scotland, and Australia. Portugal became home in late 2013. The content here spans 18...
[Hits: 52 - Added: 08-11-13]


Voyage en Amerique

Mon site et un blog de partage de bonnes adresses partout aux Etats Unis. Mon emploi me fait voyager partout aux USA. Je connais donc très bien les grandes...
[Hits: 50 - Added: 26-08-14]


Beyond Prague

Beyond Prague has the primary goal of showing what the Czech Republic has to offer a visitor who dares to venture outside the capital city. There's an amazing...
[Hits: 19 - Added: 21-07-16]


On the Fringe

Global Gal in China and other expat tales. It's about life in China, expat memories, aviation, travel and interesting things I see, read and hear.
[Hits: 13 - Added: 06-05-09]


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