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las aventuras de una au pair en apuros

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Le Repaire de la Renarde

Ce blog est mon espace d’expression personnel, sans prétentions aucunes.
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Category: Diary Expat life


Didiceleste une frenchie en Floride

Je raconte mes aventures d'expatriée aux USA.
[Hits: 181 - Added: 19-09-15]


Finding Paris

My name is Kaitlin, and I am from Maine. I grew up there but spent my four years of college in Vermont. After graduating and earning a degree in psychology, I...
[Hits: 140 - Added: 09-03-10]


Dublin Flashback and Daily Joy

My life in Dublin, the places I like and all the things that make Ireland a welcoming and rainy country to live in, as well as some Au Pair memories and tips.
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Category: Expat life Diary


Alltag in Großbritannien

Unterhaltsames mitten aus dem britischen Alltag. Nützliche Tipps für das Leben und Arbeiten in England, Schottland und Wales. Gedacht für Expats, Au-Pairs,...
[Hits: 113 - Added: 08-11-13]


Two sisters, Two travelers

Siamo due ragazze italiane che amano viaggiare e raccontare le loro avventure. Tra un'esperienza alla pari negli Stati Uniti, Erasmus in Francia e Spagna,...
[Hits: 96 - Added: 05-02-14]


Chasing Linda

My blog was created when I moved to China in 2013 to work as an English teacher for Chinese kids and study Chinese at the same time. I hope you'll like it!
[Hits: 84 - Added: 10-09-13]


The Au Pair Project

I'm a 20-something Californian with a pinch of Cajun and a love affair with France. I've embraced the facts that life is short, good friends are invaluable and...
[Hits: 77 - Added: 18-11-10]


Instinct Voyageur

Franchissez le pas! Le monde est à vous!
[Hits: 74 - Added: 12-10-10]


Falling Through Time

Chroniques d'un voyageur ... vraiment!

[Hits: 72 - Added: 18-02-16]



Les voyages prennent une place importante dans ma vie. Même si j'ai toujours aimé trainer mes sabates à droites et à gauche on peut dire que c'est devenu...
[Hits: 57 - Added: 12-01-15]



Idéalement, j'aimerai que ce blog soit un condensé de notre vie chez les américains, à quelques semaines de l'élection présidentielle qui fait déjà...
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Category: Expat life


Oz and Go - Blog voyage en Australie

Oz and Go est un blog spécialisé autour du voyage et du backpacking en Australie. Retrouvez le carnet de voyage de Jules et Camille afin de découvrir le...
[Hits: 52 - Added: 25-05-14]


A Year in Fire and Ice

Photos and stories from a girl living with vikings on a volcano.
[Hits: 47 - Added: 06-05-13]


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