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Sunny in London

A Florida girl's guide to finding sun and fun in London for visitors, expats and Londoners.
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Life In Porto

Highlights of living in Porto. A visitors' guide from a British expat.
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Singapore Travel Blog

The purpose of is to provide easy to use travel guide with added tips, which a fellow tourist and expat can explore. This will help them learn...
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Mapping Croatia

Mapping Croatia aims to map croatian cultural and natural heritage top to bottom and inspire people to go beyond main tourist attractions. Besides writing about...
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Découvrir Cracovie

Si vous souhaitez visiter Cracovie en toute simplicité, voici un guide complet des meilleures attractions touristiques, des meilleurs hébergements et des...
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Zooming Japan - A Detailed Japan Guide

The blog focuses mainly on traveling in Japan.
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Rosario Connection

When I moved to Rosario in Argentina 4 years ago, I realized that there was nothing in English about the city and I decided to start this blog. I blog about...
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Drink Tea and Travel

guide to cultural travel around Australia and beyond
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Blog & Website about Piedmont

A virtual tour around Piedmont region (Northern Italy): places to see, events to take part, cities and towns, a bit of history, as well as information about...
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Berlin Enjoy

With you can make the most of your trip to Berlin.
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Team Starnes Takes London

Team Starnes Takes London is a travel blog that offers insight into the city's top attractions, restaurants, boroughs and pubs, as well as travel outside of...
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Portugal Property Portal

News and reviews about life in the Algarve! We cover topics such as gourmet restaurants, local attractions and activities. These include boat tours, historical...
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The All of Saigon

Im an ex-pat living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. This is not a blog about my hopes and aspirations; this is not a dream journal. You wont find...
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Holiday home in Tenerife blog

Discover what's new with property and for vacations by the holiday home in Tenerife blog, which is all about the biggest of Canary Islands Spain. The blog...
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Jamaica My Way

I've been blogging about my non-typical travel adventures for 4 years and generally like to stay OFF the beaten path. My blog followers are a niche crowd who...
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