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J'ai quitté Paris pour les beaux yeux d'un charmant suisse. Dès mon arrivée à Zurich, j'ai ouvert ce blog pour partager mes découvertes et pouvoir me...
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From Paris to Zurich

Sur ce blog je décris la découverte de notre nouveau pays et l'expérience de l'expatriation par toute la famille!
[Hits: 440 - Added: 19-01-17]


A Humorous Guide to Switzerland

A blog about life in Switzerland and all things Swiss with a special focus on Swiss language and Swiss food.
[Hits: 247 - Added: 20-12-11]


Newly Swissed Online Magazine

Newly Swissed is the online magazine about Switzerland. We cover lifestyle topics related to culture, design, events, oddities and tourism -...
[Hits: 186 - Added: 01-02-11]


The Real Housewife of Zurich

The Mishaps & Sarcasm of an American Hausfrau in Switzerland. Transitioning from American career woman to Swiss housewife... errr... Hausfrau... and all the...
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Carnet d'escapades

Française expatriée à Zürich depuis fin 2011, j'aime partager mes escapades dans ce beau pays qu'est la Suisse, ainsi que mes voyages en...
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Some steps away

Sans jamais avoir appris l'allemand, je me suis pourtant retrouvée expatriée à Zürich pendant plus d'un an, cette drôle d'expérience m'a donné envie de...
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desde zurich con amor

una vision particular de mi estancia de expatriada
[Hits: 98 - Added: 06-11-13]

Category: Entertainment



I’m Allison, an American freelance creative director and designer living in Zurich, Switzerland with my German husband.
[Hits: 62 - Added: 11-04-15]


Finding Heidi

The adventures of a portuguese in Switzerland. I write about my life abroad and my travelling in and around Switzerland.
[Hits: 52 - Added: 17-02-16]


Globetrotting in Heels

A cocktail of travel chronicles, expat experiences, fashion & shopping, humor, family and just random bits.
[Hits: 47 - Added: 26-06-12]


Made in Suisse

I am a French scientist in her mid-twenties who has recently moved to Switzerland after eight years spent in Scotland. I live on the shores of lake Zürich in a...
[Hits: 47 - Added: 27-08-11]

Category: Expat life


Our Swiss Adventure

After years of dreaming of living abroad, we've finally arrived in Zurich, Switzerland! Join as we leave the Big Apple, adapt to Swiss life, and explore all...
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Category: Expat life


Going American

Look into the daily life and the adventures of a Swiss girl that has moved to Boston, Massachusetts.
[Hits: 30 - Added: 04-12-16]

Category: Expat life


This Off Script Life

I am an American screenwriter and lawyer living in Zurich, Switzerland. My favorite things include traveling, experiencing new places through food, a good cup...
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