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MadeMoizeLLe MMLL ou My Miami Life by Laetitia

Qu'il fait bon vivre au soleil !! Tel pourrait résumer ce petit blog pour partager notre expérience de jeunes expatriés en Amérique. Mais tout n'est pas si...
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A Goddess in the Kitchen

A middle aged feminist foodie becomes a trophy wife and moves to lae, Papua New Guinea. I eat smoked fruit bat, yell at incompetent workmen, practie my Tok and...
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Vivre aux US

Expatriée depuis 2007, j'ai déménagé de Paris a Milwaukee, USA, ou je reside toujours.
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Category: Expat life


Florida bound!

Zum Zeitpunkt als ich diesen Blog begonnen habe, leben wir noch im Karlsruher Raum. Eine berufliche Veraenderung fuehrt uns aber nun zurueck in die USA, nach...
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Category: Expat life


Española en Eslovenia

En este blog hablo sobre mis viajes, mi vida en Eslovenia y cómo adaptarse a una cultura diferente.
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Poland Palette

Everyone knows that medical students live in their books. And every medical student's wife knows that she must find ways to keep her sanity during this time. My...
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Estrella Explores

The musings of a Canadian expat on life in Spain. I write about life as an English teacher, experiencing Spanish culture, and weekend trips throughout Europe.
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